Steam & Gas Turbine Control Solutions


Better performance throughout your steam or gas turbine’s operational life improves cost efficiency. By retrofitting control and instrumentation in turbines for processes and compressor applications, Miami Switchgear offers you the benefit of:

  1. More availability
  2. More flexibility
  3. Less maintenance
  4. More control
  5. Faster start up time
  6. More income and savings

Miami Switchgear’s control retrofit solutions for steam and gas turbines include:

Replacement of Speed Controller

We can upgrade your existing speed governor – which may be mechanical, electronic obsolete or hydraulic – with a digital controller equipped with protection, communication and alarm functions.

Load Control

We can upgrade your control system to automate the variations in power that your generator supplies, such as when it is in parallel with the grid. This allows your generator to give more power at peak times, providing a more cost effective supply of power to the load.

Load Sharing

When two or more gensets are in parallel, Miami Switchgear can provide a controller which is the same as the load control, allowing you to automate the way the load is shared between the machines based on their capacities.

Voltage Regulation

Our solutions also include changing your electronic voltage regulators with digital versions, allowing you to maintain voltage output where it is desired, or have power factor control.

Extraction Pressure Control

In case of extraction turbines, we can optimize your control based on the load demand of your process, allowing you to generate more power when the process needs less steam.

Automatic Synchronizing

When you have generators in parallel with the grid or several in parallel between them and there is a manual control of the synchronizing process, we can provide an upgrade that automates that process to have a smoother synchronization, preventing the machines from suffering and eliminating human error.

Overspeed Monitoring & Protection

Our upgrades to your controls can also help those machines that do not have good overspeed protection, avoiding chances for it to tear apart and cause damage.

Adaption of Valve Actuators

Your actuators need to be change in order to work with modern controls. We provide upgrades so they can be controlled with precision for an optimal system.

Upgraded Lube Control

Changing your obsolete, or near obsolete, lubrication systems is part of making the turbine more efficient which can significantly save money in your operations.

Temperature Monitoring

With how critical temperature is in indicating when something is going wrong, we help upgrade your temperature monitoring system as part of the predictive maintenance which extends the turbine’s life.

Generator Protection

We provide generate protection upgrades so that when a fault event occurs, your generator to controls communication provides the opportunity to take prompt action.

Upgraded Vibration Monitoring System

Vibration can shorten your turbine’s life, so we provide enhanced vibration monitoring upgrades to more clearly assess how to operate with less vibration.

Remote Control and Monitoring

We can provide upgrades that allow you to control and monitor your power generation systems.

Communication & Scada

Our control solutions also include communication retrofits that enable your systems to react and make the right decision at the right time.

Automation for compressors includes:

  • Speed
  • Startup time
  • Load
  • Temperature
  • Surge
  • Replacement of sensors and instrumentation

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