Power Generation Plant Retrofits


Miami Switchgear specializes in the design and construction of power plants, reciprocating engines and retrofitting and upgrading of gas and steam turbines. By applying our technical team to retrofit your power generation control systems, we offer you automation of:

  • Speed control
  • Load control
  • Load sharing
  • Voltage regulation
  • Extraction pressure control (in case of extraction turbines)
  • Synchronizing
  • Overspeed monitoring and protection (in critical cases redundancy to prevent undesired trips)

Retrofitting also includes:

  • Replacing of main valve actuators
  • Upgrading lube control
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Better generator protection
  • Vibration monitoring
  • Remote control and monitoring

Our technical team’s has proven experience working on applications such as:

  • Large generator sets (turbines and reciprocating engines)
  • Synchronizing and paralleling operations
  • Engine control and power plant control

We are committed to using trusted brands such as Eaton (power in medium and low voltage), Woodward (controllers for engines and turbines), Toshiba (PLC and frequency driver) and SEL (protection relays), ABB and more.

Receive Customized Power Generation Plant Retrofits