Power Systems for Extreme Weather Conditions (PSEWC)


The Impact of extreme weather conditions on your power systems can result in blackouts and forced outages. Miami Switchgear can provide power systems to better withstand these conditions.

Our Electric House (E-House or Powerhouse) features include:

  • Voltage level up to 69 kV
  • Stainless steel construction
  • NEMA 3R; 4 and 4x compliance
  • Relative humidity: 100%
  • No modular construction (anti-seismic; can withstand wind speeds exceeding 200km/hour)
  • They may contain: switchboard of power, distribution, generation and maneuvers, power transformers (up to 10 MVA) or generator sets (up to 5,000 kVA)
  • Control system and remote monitoring with integrated alternative energy as internal services power sources

We Can Provide Power Systems for Extreme Weather Conditions to Meet Your Needs