Project Gallery

United States

City of West Palm Beach

  • Lift Stations Control Panels
  • Nema 4X Control Panels

Miami Dade Water & Sewer Department

  • Pump Station Control Panels

Central America

Panamá – Pearl Island

  • Paralleling Switchgear for 1.5MW Power System

Panamá – Barge Estrella del Norte

  • Design for Automation and Upgrade of Power and Distribution System
  • Project Management
  • Engineering for Automation of Synchronizing System
  • Supply of MCC
  • Testing
  • Commissioning
  • Start Up

South America

Venezuela – Steel Factory Siderúgica Zuliana S.A.
Design, Supply, Testing and Commissioning of:

  • 15kV Switchgear for Protection and Control of Arc Furnace
  • Incoming Line Panel 2500 Amp
  • Protection Panel 3150 Amp 15kV 40kA
  • Furnace Protection Panel 3150 Amp 40kA
  • Protection Panel for Harmonics Filter
  • Battery Charger 110 VDC

Venezuela – Canoabo Pump Station – Environmental Ministry

  • 6MW, 4.16kA Power Plant
  • Design and Supply of Paralleling Switchgear (Power and Control)

Ecuador – Steel Factory Novacero S.A.
Design, Supply, Testing and Commissioning of:

  • 34,5kV /13,2kV Control and Protection Switchgear for Arc Furnace
  • Outdoor Harmonic Filter 5MVAR 18kV
  • Bank Capacitors 2,4 kV y 0,46kV

Guyana – Torginol Paint Manufacturer

  • 6MW Paralleling Switchgear (Power and Control)


Dominican Republic – Gold Mine

  • Switchgear 4.16kV 2000 Amp

Bahamas – Bakers Bay Golf & Ocean Club

  • Short Circuit, Arc Flash Studies and Protection Coordination Studies
  • 40,5KV  Switchgear and 17,5kV Switchgear
  • Generator Control Retrofit
  • New Monitoring System

Haiti- Heineken (Brana)

  • 2 MW Power Plant
  • Supply of Gensets (Two 1.6MW, 4.16kV)
  • New Control System for Paralleling and Load Sharing
  • New Monitoring System
  • Training, Commissioning and Start Up

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